I dont think I'm going to go any where.  I think I'll just stay home and babysit. It's sort of fun but not when there screaming. I ussaly dont go anywhere for spring break anyways.
I think that i will do good on the state assesments but I dont expect to get a really high score though.  There's still something I dont know as well as others but I still under stand.
Harrys favorite color is blue.  Nialls favorite color is green.  Zayns favorite color is black.  Liams favorite color is purple and Louis' favorit
I think that Harry sings the best out of all the One Direction member.  Harry is usally the head singer.  I like Harrys voice because he has that loud voice and its not to high but not to low either.
I think that Liam had the roughest child hood because he had to face a lot of heath problems.  He spent the first four years of his life in and out of the hospital having regular tests done. To help cope the pain, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening.